Finca Las Nieves Gourmet Coffee From The Oaxacan Cloud Forest
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Finca Las Nieves - An Organic Coffee Farm
High Altitude, Shade Grown, Hand Crafted Coffee From Oaxaca, Mexico

Caressed by breezes from the Pacific ocean far below, Finca las Nieves started producing some of the finest organic coffee in the world in the 19th century. Today, Finca Las Nieves is once again awake, producing superb shade grown, altura organic coffee, while protecting its fabulous heritage of forest and fauna. It is our privilege to be part of preserving and sharing this extraordinary and magical place.

Set in one of the most beautiful parts of Mexico, the Oaxacan cloud forest, Las Nieves had become all but forgotten...wonderfully lost in time, so that its biggest trees have been remained uncut, its animals unhunted...and filled, too, with glorious birds and butterflies seeking refuge.

Our first three bungalows are now available for your enjoyment at $250usd per night per couple, including two meals per day, snacks and transportation to and from the Hotel Santa Fe.

Finca Las Nieves ~ The Coffee Farm of the Snows

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Our Formula for an Ultra Premium Cup of Coffee

1. Start with organic, shade grown coffee beans that are grown at an altitude of at least 1200 meters (3,397 feet).

2. Use only the ripest, hand picked beans which have been sun dried and properly stored with an 11 or 12% moisture content.

3. Beens must be carefully roasted at temperatures high enough to carmelize the sugar within the bean.

4. Roasted beans must be hermetically sealed and properly stored to insure freshness.

5. The very best flavors from a coffee bean are available within 7 days of roasting if properly sealed and stored.

6. The fresh roasted coffee beans should be ground at the time of consumption as ground coffee will lose it's freshness within four hours.

7. Storing your coffee beans: Roasted beans are best stored in in the original, zip locked, aluminized mylar bag or by tightly folding the bag several turns, then folding over the wire-tie. Finally, gently squeeze out the air that was allowed to enter the bag when it was opened, taking care not to crush the one-way valve or to force out the air too quickly and damaging the valve. You will notice that the deflated bag will slowly start expanding from the CO2 which is released from fresh coffee beans. This CO2 buildup should NOT be expelled, as CO2 is somewhat inert, and will keep the beans fresher longer, when compared to Air containing more oxygen.

Fresh beans may be kept at the coolest room temperatures available for the first 3 or 4 days. For longer term storage, place the coffee beans in the freezer either packaged as described above, or, better, repackaged into zip-locked one-day portions. This way no condensation will occur as you pull out only what you need. After freezer storage, it is important that you do not leave the beans at room temperature and re-freeze as condensation will break down the beans and accelerate aging.

Customer Testimonials
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Hello: I spent a most marvelous 24 hours recently, during the last week of november 2008, at Finca las Nieves.
I was travelling by myself and staying for a week at Hotel Santa Fe in Puerto Escondido.

I read about la Finca on Santa Fe's website and immediately knew I wanted to visit and spend a night there.
Our driver, guide, instructor, chef, interpreter, and caretaker was Gustavo Boltjes, a tri-lingual young man who clearly loves oustanding people, coffee, the environment, and Oaxaca!

Everything was interesting...from the drive to the plantation, to the hike and nature exploration around its property, to the coffee growing and making process.

Everything was delicious...from the oranges hacked down and opened w/ Gustavo's machete during one of several hikes to the mout-watering mole and homemade tortillas served the night before. Three filling and delicious meals plus snacks were provided.

The rooms were simple, but spacios and lovely, well-equipped...with modern bathrooms, plenty of storage, comfortable mattresses and pillows. What a great sleep I had, after a great meal, lovely company ( 2 from Sweden and the other from Denmark), and the most fabulous star gazing imaginable.

I highly recommend a night at Finca Las Nieves as a memorable and most pleasant experience for anyone travelling alone or as a couple or family! Laura N. Chick, Los Angeles, California

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